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These models treat the DNA macromolecules as isotropic, homogeneous, elastic materials without incorporating a good level of detail. First, in the static case, ground state properties of the one-component condensates are investigated by use of the variational method.

Quantum cloning machines for equatorial qubits are studied. The ratio of ion to electron number densities and the nonthermal parameter are two competitors to determine the amplitude and the width of the resultant solitons.

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We study the superfluid-Mott insulator SF-MI transition of a spin-1 boson system in an optical lattice, especially the responce of the system to an external magnetic field. Department of Physics. In particular, the spin-mixing phenomenon is confirmed in a collision involving the DW-type. And we calculate the physical quantities from this new approach.

Statistical mechanics of a one-dimensional system of bosons with repulsive delta-function interaction is studied.

Komori miki - body langage
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